About PetPeePee Oriental rug Urine Odor Removal Company

dog-urine-odor-removal-from-rugsPetPeePee system was established in 1991.

“PetPeePee’s name came after many attempts to determine one name/one word to distinguish the meaning of my concern. The first company’s name was “pet accidents call Martin,” however, this name didn’t bring any significance to the job.

The name, PetPeePee, struck me suddenly and since then the name is the focus of many controversies, especially when it is displayed on a billboard.
Today, 2016, all the initial controversy is behind me and now, the name has become a house-hold name in South Florida and gradually, nationwide.

The name, PetPeePee, describe the meaning of my Business, and this is the only service that we provide: Removing Pet pee pee!” -Martin

PetPeePee is a Pioneer in the 21st Century for an all Organic cleaning process.

The PetPeePee System is an essential Process for those who need an all Natural cleaning and Organic service unlike most carpet cleaning services that use harsh cleaning methods and chemicals. The PetPeePee System was constructed, designed, and built by Meir Martin. The PetPeePee System uses a Revolutionary Machine and Organic Cleaner (the Dead Sea Minerals) that makes us the leader in the natural cleaning processes for draperies and custom made curtains of all types.

The way it works: The Dead Sea Minerals “cleaning solution” is sprayed gently on the item and then vacuumed through the item, pulling out all the urine crystals, soil, and stains. This process will repeat itself many times until the water in the pan under the item is clean/clear.

The PetPeePee cleaning process is performed gently without damaging the fibers of fabrics to ensure 100% urine odor removal while preserving antique Oriental rugs, custom made draperies and other delicate items from damage.

About Meir Martin the Owner of PetPeePee system

meir-martin-inventor-of-petpeepee“My name is Meir Martin, I’m not just the inventor of PetPeePee. I’m also a wildlife photographer with a published book, “Desert Birds of Israel.” You are welcome to visit, MeirMartin.com or birdsofIsrael.com.

As a wildlife photographer, I care about nature, so all of my cleaning products are organic to protect the nature and the birds that I love.”