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Cleaning Oriental Rugs from Dog & Cat Urine Odor.
100% Guaranteed in Writing, Urine Odor Removal using the Organic, Odor-free Dead Sea Minerals.


PetPeePee is rated a 5 stars for Oriental Rug Cleaning and Removing Urine Odor

5 Star PetPeePee Reviews

On Google and Angies List, PetPeePee is rated 5 stars from customers all throughout the United States. Check out our ratings, here!

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PetPeePee Guarantee

PetPeePee Guarantees, in Writing, to permanently remove dog and cat urine odor from Oriental rugs and area rugs

100% Urine Odor Removal

Using our trade secret solution from the Dead Sea, PetPeePee provides 100% guarantee and will never use chemicals, fragrances or enzymes that mask urine odor.

What can I say but WOW and THANK YOU Meir Martin. I absolutely knew I was going to lose my rug after having two different dogs urinated on them over time. I cleaned the spots as they occurred and even sent the rug to a reputable oriental rug cleaning company. The rug NEVER came back like I got it back from you. We are so happy with your work and the fact that you saved our rug. I would have never believed it could happen. I highly recommend to anyone having a problem with getting rid of animal urine in their rugs to call Mr. Martin. He does exactly what he says he is going to do and when you get your rug back, you will be amazed. The urine has been completely removed in a manner that no other type of professional cleaning could every accomplish. I am very grateful to Mr. Martin and absolutely recommend anyone to use him. Very honest and respectable man. Thank you Mr. Martin from the bottom of our heart. – Janice

About PetPeePee’s Oriental rug Urine Odor Removal Service

In the video above, the PetPeePee Vacuum Floor machine cleans and removes the strong cat urine odor from a one of a kind Antique Persian rug.

By utilizing the revolutionary Vacuum floor Machine combined with our trade secret, organic cleaning solution from the Dead Sea, PetPeePee System is able to remove dog and cat urine odor 100% from virtually any Oriental rug. PetPeePee never uses any detergents, enzymes, or deodorizers to mask the urine odor and stains that are removed, will never resurface.

Many customers tell us that after they receive their Oriental rug back from cleaning, their rug has never looked so good even after they first purchased/inherited it.

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